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Team Values and Beliefs

Team Values and Beliefs

Our path

We have a creative, passionate team for learning that we want to make a small change around the world.

Commitment to time

We are committed to our time commitment because I am accountable for project execution time.

Our Goals

We look at the nature of your work as a mission

Honesty at work

One of the foundations of our team is honesty, and we can honestly say this is the reason for our success.

Our future vision

Future Vision We want to help even one small step each day to improve the quality of our work.

Our work commitment

Our commitment to your work is a personal commitment to ourselves.

هلدینگ سام | sam holding

Holding Sam

UXEGROUP Company is a subsidiary of Sam Holding.

Sam Holding on the economic-managerial basis in the extensive cooperation of various organizations, has been able to create a new line in the field of creating economic values ​​with a positive overflow, under the umbrella of continuous effort and value; And be one of the pioneers of this path in the private sector. To maintain the value of such achievements, the development and continuity of world-class economic activities is one of our priorities, and we make direct investments to accelerate the achievement of these goals; An approach that is a strategic part of our activities.

see software requirements and run it

Software requirements in software engineering describe the features and characteristics of the target system. Requirements conveys users expectations of the software product. Requirements can be overt or covert, known or unknown, expected or unexpected from the customers point of view.